Drausendorf neissebruecke 2009 h, Sieniawka, Świerczewskiego  - Zdjęcia

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Rybarzowice, Reibersdorf 002 na mapie Targeo Rybarzowice, Reibersdorf 002, Rybarzowice
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Drausendorf neissebruecke 2009 h - inne punkty w pobliżu

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Sieniawka, Piastowska 28 (→ 2955 m)
Sieniawka, Piastowska 19 (→ 2965 m)
Sieniawka, Piastowska 26 (→ 2986 m)
Sieniawka, Piastowska 24 (→ 3001 m)
Sieniawka, Piastowska 20 (→ 3037 m)
Sieniawka, Świerczewskiego 17 (→ 3043 m)
Sieniawka, Piastowska 18 (→ 3046 m)
Sieniawka, Bogatyńska 12 (→ 3136 m)
Bogatynia, Młodych Energetyków 48 (→ 3233 m)
Bogatynia, Słoneczna 5 (→ 3577 m)

Drausendorf neissebruecke 2009 h

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Drausendorf neissebruecke 2009 h
Świerczewskiego, Sieniawka Jak dojechać do Drausendorf neissebruecke 2009 h, Świerczewskiego, Sieniawka
English: Border bridge between Germany and Poland near Drausendorf (city of Zittau). Barbed wire installations were removed shortly after Schengen entry of Poland in 2007. During the reconstruction of the embankment for better flood protection, the access to the bridge on the German side was removed in 2008. This access has not been restored although Germany and Poland are within the Schengen zone. However, you can enter and cross the bridge from the Polish side.
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Drausendorf neissebruecke 2009 h